Testosterone enanthate steroid, side effects and dosage of enanthate

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Testosterone enanthate steroid, side effects and dosage of enanthate

Post by Admin on Tue Feb 11, 2014 6:09 am

Testosterone Enanthate is an European steroid which is similar to the american Testosterone Cypionate (see the  Testosterone Cypionate).

The  Testosterone Enanthate steroid is used in bodybuilding to increase the muscle weight. Contrary to the opinion about Dianabol, Anapolon 50 etc., when it comes to  high increase in weight, the testosterone was and always will be  number 1.

The Testosterone Enanthate is a steroid which has a long anabolic term effect that guaranties a long action over the body. Due to the metabolism and the condition of hormonal system, the period of action of this steroid is 2-3 weeks ;  that means that the break between the injections can be higher.

Although Testosterone Enanthate has a period of action longer then few weeks,  is used by bodybuilders, power-lifters and athletes. The major priority is the fact that has active chemical substance has a strong androgenic and anabolic effect. This means that any athelte can, by using Testosterone Enanthate, increase its power and weight in minimal time. The fast and considerable increase in weight is correlated with the liquids retained in organism. The weightlifters and power-lifters appreciate very much this quality of the Testosterone Enanthate.

Dan Duchaine in Steroid guide - 2, said that the doses of 2000-4000mg/ week aren’t out of order. This mega doses are administrated by football players and power-lifters. For the bodybuilders, the  water retained, caused by the use of Testosterone Enanthate can determine adverse reactions, it is possible to become strong in a short period of time but in a few weeks, in the mirror you could see a muscle weight that is plat, smooth, edemathic, that would have been inflated until this level and no matter how hard you try to stretch it there is no result. If you don’t believe, you should observe the bodybuilders between the competitions or in the periods when the muscle weight increases, when they absorb big quantities of Testosterone.

Another problem about the administration of Testosterone Enanthate is the fact that this product is transformed in estrogens very quickly. This is the reason why the body stock fats and usually appears the gynaecomastia. Many aspects depend from person to person because in most cases the reactions are correlated with the fact that they are predispose to them. There are athletes that even at a dose of 100mg/day or even more aren’t affected by the feminization process, they don’t stock fats and retain only an insignificant quantity of water.  Some when  retain water , they accuse pain in the teats areas.

It is remarked the fact that the Testosterones, as we mentioned before, have action on everybody, even if you are an amateur or “ Mr Olympia ”. Beside that the Testosterone Enanthate is a good stimulant in the body process of regeneration, this is the reason why it has a good action when it comes to increases the vitality and the energy and also in the compensation phases; many athletes can make practice 6 day/week, twice a day and they manage to become bigger and stronger.

The athletes that use the Testosterone Enanthate tells about the pumping effect during practice, this “steroid pumping” is the result of the increasing blood volume  and providing the body with oxygen and an important quantity of red cells . The administration of Enanthate Testosterone is efficient to those who have articulations problems, who accuse pain in the shoulders and have pain symptoms in the jointments.

For the more developed athletes, Testosterone Enanthate can be used simple or in combination with other products. To increase your muscle weight,  the Testosterone Enanthate is combined with Anapolon 50, Dianabol, Deca-Durabolin and Parabolan. An example is the combination of 100mg Anapolon 20 daily, 200mg Deca-Durabolin weekly and 500mg of Enanthate Testosterone weekly. After 6 weeks the Anapolon can be replaced with 30mg of Dianabol daily.

It seams that between the androgen Testosterone Enanthate and other anabolic steroids appears the synergy effect. The athletes that , after using the Testosterone Enanthate, Dianabol or Anapolon,  have retains of liquids in organism, or are interested in increasing the straight without increasing the weight as well should administrate Testosterone Enanthate only in combination with Oxandrolon or Winstrol.

The admitted dose of Testosterone Enanthate, as we mentioned before is between 250mg/week to 2000mg/week. For most athletes the reasonable limit would be between 250-1000mg/week. Normally the higher doses aren’t needed. The 500mg/week are usually administrated in one dose that means it is injected directly 2ml. A higher dose should be divided in 2 injections/week. The dose should be adapted to the level of preparation of the athlete, the purpose and the quantities of steroids that it is used to take, but in most cases the major factor is the economical one. Because the Testosterone Enanthate isn’t the cheapest steroid, luckily most people use it rarely or use the cheaper similar steroid, the Omnadren.


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